Love Makes You Do Crazy Things.


Love means different things to different people. Honestly, I don’t think anyone on this planet really knows what love means. It is subjective to that person but there are so many different types of love. The love you have for your family, for food, for your friends, for your partner, for your dog, for your neighbor, for God, for going out, for thongs, for beer, for landscapes, for the gym and for your celebrity crush. The word love is used more than Pornhub in Quarantine and it’s hard to know what love is when we use the world for literally everything.

Love is hard to define and arguably, undefinable. But, what I think can be universally agreed upon is that love makes you do the craziest of shit. Things that you never thought you’d ever do in your life. To me, it is refreshing to embrace these things into my life because it brings out a side of me I really did not know I had. I did not know I was capable of writing cute little cards explaining why I want to be someone’s little blueberry forever. I did not know that I would ever love being referred to as a Dingleberry which I one day learnt meant: a dingleberry is a term for a small piece of poop clinging to the butt of a human or animal, sometimes used as a mild way to call someone “stupid.” I had no idea, I just thought it was a cute little name that my partner had for me. Little did I know he was calling me a droplet of poo for 2 months.

If you have ever seriously been in love, I am sure you have a list of crazy things you have also done whilst being with your partner. I asked my partner what he thought the craziest thing was and he refers to the time I took him on a roller coaster. If you from England, London, then you know about the mating ground Winter Wonderland, it’s where the lads shack up to get steaming at 13:00 and the gals have a reunion to take cute Instagram pics and chomp down on a German Sausage, unless you’re a veggie like me and you just eat Nutella Crepes and Fries. ANYWAY. Me and my partner went to Winter Wonderland and I also took cute photos, ate questionably shaped foods and froze my tits off just like everyone else that has been to Winter Wonderland.

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The one moment that did stand out to me was when we went on a rollercoaster. It was one of the biggest rides there and I ask my partner if he wanted to go on one with me. He said yes. He gave me his consent. So I was like, Okay well vamos. We go on the ride and from start to finish I thought I was sat on the ride with a 5 year old who you’d think hadn’t been strapped in properly. The ride rocked back and forth and round and round, and with every scream, a little bit of spit came crashing on my face from the side of me. We get off the ride eventually, and my partner was unable to speak to me for a solid 40mins to regain his senses. That is how I knew he loved me. He did something he knew he hated and never thought he would do for me. In my defense, I did not know he would find it that horrifying, so I urged him to go on.

These are some crazy thing’s I have done since being in the lurveeeee.

  • The Time I Went to an Abandoned Island: This was ridiculous. We were in Helsinki and took a ferry out to this Island called Suomenlinna. Listen to me, we went in November and it was desolate. The wind was roaring, there were no street lights or any sign or intelligent life. Me and my partner walked around this island for maybe 3 hours. We thought we were going to get got. There were little caves filled with darkness and old abandoned houses that never in my life would I have gone inn/near. But low and behold, with nothing but darkness and monsters ahead of me, i went into one of the caves and came out screaming like a little bitch, only to find my partner had already started running away.
  • The Time That I Made A Love Album: This was something new. I usually am cold and shut off to romance. But since meeting this little poobear, I found myself doing stuff that I only thought stalkers did. I made a cute love album of all of our memories and private moments in there to show him that I cherished every moment with him. It makes me laugh because if you’d asked me if I wanted to do that before, I would’ve laughed and told you that I’d rather be seen naked in park than do that.
  • I Cook, Bake and Clean: This is crazy for me because I am notoriously messy and I still am. There have been times that my friends have had to jump over shit to get into my room. I used to live off fish finger sandwiches and VKs. Now, I sipped fine red wine and indulge in a plate of Clapham’s finest prawn, mozzarella and pesto pasta whilst using an actual knife and fork. Being in love has really refined me to be more than just a fresher. You could just say this point was a product of growing up and not being in love, but ask yourself, you wants to spend 5 hours watching bread rise if not to impress their loved one? Not me you fool.

These are just a few things from a selection of many. But my overall point is that love will make you do crazy things and that is okay. So long as you don’t lose sight of who you are and you do them because you want to, there is nothing wrong at all. But the moment you start doing things where you can barely recognize yourself, that is where you may be blurring the lines with crazy and absurd. By absurd, what I mean is that you are doing things you don’t want to do but you will to make your partner happy. You have to do what makes you both happy. Sometimes there is a little bit of compromise, but you have to make sure you are both compromising and that you both want to do these things.

I believe that relationships bring out the best in you. Mine taught me how to love and trust, but to get there I have done some questionable things. Some things I simply cannot share publicly. But I believe being in love is finding someone that helps bring out the best in you, that pushes you to let go of all of lives burdens and relish in moments of freedom. To be in love is to be free. No one can tell you who you love or how to love them. That is one of the most valuable things you can have in a world that seems to own everything.

My advice to you is that enjoy these crazy moments and live in them. There will be times were these moments seem like just a memory and not a part of your life. It is important to enjoy them when they come and be grateful to them when they leave.

Demi Anne x

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23 year old living in England's beautiful capital London! I have learnt that there is always an adventure to be had. No matter what part of the world you are in or what your bank account tells you. There are no limits or restrictions to what you can experience.

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