5K Motivation: 5 things for a 5K

I just completed another 5K and it was getting to a point where all I wanted to do was sit down and eat an ice cream. What I ended up doing was finishing my 5k and walking to our local pizza stand and buy a slice of carby goodness. I know it defeats the object of trying to lose weight but my cup of caring is empty today. I honestly take my hat off to anyone that can run 5k in 25mins or under because my best times range between 29-25 mins, it depends what kind of mood i’m in. Those are good times respectively but I know there are so many beasts out there smashing it in 24mins like my boyfriend.

Why start running 5k?
So you can start eating all this goodness and not feel bad about it?

If you have been thinking about starting to run 5k, do it. If it has never crossed your mind, don’t do it. You have to want to get fitter and want to challenge yourself. Some people do not need exercise to challenge themselves but others do. 5k, to me, isn’t that far to run. It is about 3.1 miles but to run that distance in a time that you are happy with is the real challenge. There are many reasons to run 5k, the main reason for me is to clear my mind and to be healthier. I love the endorphin rush of running and love sweating. I also love working out, so for me, it is a no brainier. My advice to you is if you want to start running or you need to pick it back up find a motivation.

My goal is to stay as motivated as possible and to achieve a time that is closer to 25-24 mins than 26mins, onwards. I want to do this mainly because I want to stick it to my 6″1 boyfriend with extremely long legs. The reason I mention this is because he’s at an advantage with his long tree trunk legs meanwhile, I’m behind him running like a little squirrel scurrying along with small legs and heavy boobs to bring along with me. Staying motivated is literally the key to achieving your goals but staying motivated is not easy, it may be harder than the run itself. Why on earth would you want to go running in the rain? Why on earth would you want to taste your own sweat? Why on earth leave your coach to suffer a mild heart attack? Find your reason why.

This type of motivation might work for a day, but what you really need is a goal and a mindset. Last week I ran 5k four times in a row. It is safe to say my calves were burning and my booty was bulging; when it came to the fourth time I had to hype myself up to get out and do it. I know rest days are important but for me, I’m a pusher, I will push myself to achieve the goals I set. That’s why I believe if you set yourself a goal, you will stay more motivated to run the 5k than if you just do it when you feel like it. You have to push through the burn and the shortness of breath to finish the 5k like a champ.

I know it is easier said than done, believe, I have coughed up phlegm, had sweat drops burn out my eyeballs, my ponytail come undone, I had a camel toe for a whole 1km and I even ate shit once (translation: I well face ground on the floor) , all of these things should’ve deterred me away from the 5k but here I am sweating through the pain and logging another time on my app.

I asked my partner to describe what running 5k feels like to him…

“It was f***ing butterz fam” – after the run

“It’s about learning to pace yourself” – 2 hours after

Here are my 5 things for a 5K

What do you want to be able to achieve in 2 weeks time? Do you want to run 3 mins faster than your first ever run? Do you want to be able to do the full distance without stopping? Do you want to run further?
No matter what your goal is, set one and always remember it when the road gets sweaty. My goal is to lose weight and to run further, so time to me is not super important, it’s about how long I can go not the time. Guys I’m sure you can relate on this one 😉

There is nothing worst than running with a camel toe because your shorts/leggings don’t fit properly. Invest in something that make you confident to go and work out. I love to look sleek when I work out and having fitness attire that hugs my body in all the right places works for me. Footwear is also important, make sure you have a pair of trainers that are there to support you and not become the reason you ate shit in front of 5 people. I used to be super self-conscious about running without a t-shirt because the funbags would fist pump the air and attract a few stares, then I realized if I actually wore the right sports bra, I could tame the puppies. Dress for the occasion, you wouldn’t attend a wedding in a tracksuit (I hope) so don’t dress like a noob for a 5k run.

Music is like the running coach you never knew was there. My partner uses an app that has a dude coach him through his run, tbh this is not for me. I’d rather listen Taylor Swift than that dude. Instead, i find that having a playlist raring to go can also hype you up for the run. Before I start the run, I listen to something super rowdy to get me going. I like to think I’m a bit of a thug. Then I make sure I have songs on there that set me up for success. If I listened to Jorja Smith when running, I’d probably stop and start crying about how trash men can be. Instead, I opt for some Bad Bunny, Nicki Minaj, J Balvin, Drake (not the old Drake) and any song about strong women. Before I know it i’m running like a psycho down my road pulling faces I didn’t even know I was capable of. If you don’t like music, that’s fair, I have no advice for you.

Just because someone else ran 5k in 2 mins does not mean you are a failure. Have some perspective. Your success is relative to you, you know what a good time is for you and your fitness level. You know how hard you have worked to complete the run in that time. Do not compare yourself to someone who has worked on a 5k for years/months before you. This will leave you disappointed and demotivate you in the process. Love yourself enough to not compare yourself to someone else. Their success does not make you unsuccessful. You will achieve the goals that you set and that you want, not their goals.

The best till last. I love to treat myself, whether it’s shopping, grooming, dancing, eating, bathing, singing or drinking… I am the Queen of treat yourself (self-proclaimed). I bake a lot and cook a lot. This is partially down to the lock down but also because I love to eat good food. When I’m running, I’m running because I want to make love to a pizza later or roll around in pesto pasta. Fuel yourself. Running to lose weight is not about deprivation, it is about sustainability and making sure you treat your body like the temple it is. Yesterday, if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I made a HUGE stack of Chocolate Brownie Pancakes, they were not healthy nor were they vegan. They were just naughty. I also cook loads of healthy meals but they are delicious and wholesome. This is what fuels my motivation when it comes to working out. It is that I want to eat more but also not feel like a sack of fat in a dress.

I know I only said 5 things but this one seems just as important as the others. You need to find somewhere that you enjoy running. We can’t all have access to a sandy beach, mountains with views or green parks with little rabbits in. Sometimes we just have a dirt track and a main road. It is worth walking to a location that you enjoy working out in. I am lucky because I have a lot of green spaces around me in London and beautiful parks, I would go the extra mile, literally, just to run in a beautiful location.

If you have things that you help keep you motivated, please leave a comment as I am always looking for new motivation!

See you on the flip side.

Demi Anne x

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