Moving in with your partner: The Good, The Bad, The Ridiculous.

October 2019 was the date I gave up living like a Bachelorette and moved in with my boyfriend. It had always been my dream to find someone I loved enough to take the plunge with and when I found him, I knew I’d lived in a cardboard box with him so long as it had, electricity, heating, a kitchen, a bed, a fridge, WiFi and a kettle. Standard cardboard box tings.

But seriously, moving in with my partner was not something we built up to, it just kind of happened. The circumstance was right and it seemed like the natural next step for us both. A few people mentioned that we were moving to fast, now that I look back, they were right. We were moving faster than a toilet paper hungry mum in a supermarket. Rapid and ferocious. But it was our journey and we were ready to ride the wave and drown a few times. After all, a relationship isn’t plain sailing and at least if you moved in together you can have more sex.

Let me set the scene, here we are living our best life…

I want to share with you all The Good, The Bad and The Ridiculous (my favorite part).

The Good
Moving in with your partner IS as scary as it sounds but there are so many things that make it worthwhile, I want to share with you some instances that will help explain…

  • Hanky Panky – Needless to say this would crop up. In a previous post I mentioned how we did a long distance relationship which ruled out any butt touching. But now that we live together we hold hands a lot. This also saves us a lot of money, when we didn’t live together, we used to get hotel rooms so that we could… hold hands. I even flew to Miami to for a… hug. But all joking aside regular hanky panky is good for the mind, body and soul.
  • Dinner Dates – You never have to eat alone again. Listen, I don’t know if you relate on this one but when I got home and had to eat alone I had to ensure I had my Netflix on to watch something so that I didn’t feel like a loser. Now, I get to eat with someone and steal their food AND make them wash up. I’m living the Buena Vida. (I cook, he cleans because I can’t clean and he can’t cook).
  • Loving care: We just look after each other. If I have a shitty day at work and I want to vent about it, I no longer have to do it in my bathroom mirror, I can dramatically act out in front of my partner and have him gass me up whilst doing it. When he needs support, I get to sit down and listen whilst making my plan of attack to bring down whichever devil it was that was in our way. It’s just nice to know that you have someone on your side at all times, even if you are being an irrational psycho (me, often).

The Bad

Sometimes living with your partner isn’t always fine wine and orgasms. Sometimes it blood, sweat and tears and that’s okay. Living with someone isn’t meant to be easy, that’s why many of us are single or choosing to live separately from our partners. There have been times where I’ve wanted to do a King Curtis…

  • Different Daily Routines: Let me ask you a question, how do you refrain from arguing with someone who wants to blast music at 6am whilst you want to sleep in till 10am? It would take a true saint to hold their tongue however, these are the routines we are used to and moving in means finding a balance between your lifestyles.
  • COMPROMISE: Suddenly, you no longer have things the way you want them or when you want them. It feels as though you are always compromising and trying to overcome your differences. However, a lot of this comes down to stubbornness and pride and unwillingness to compromise for the other. Moving in has taught me how to compromise but it still stings a little.
  • Arguments: I’ll rip the band aid off… you’re going to argue like cat and dog. You’ll argue about mess, cooking, cleaning, sex, quality times, schedules, the weather, the room temperature, who opens the door, who left a sock on the stairs, who forgot to take the bins out, who snores the loudest, who breaths the loudest, who doesn’t put the lid on the toothpaste and who cheats at Top Trumps. I don’t care if you’re the most loving couple this world has ever seen, you could be a better combo than peanut butter and chocolate, you’re going to argue about something. But when you do argue, learn to communicate to get over it and always keep in mind that making up is the best part.

The Ridiculous!

This is by far my most favorite, I am going to share with you some of the most ridiculous things that have happened since living with my partner!

  • The House Alarm: My partner is notoriously loud. Like the volume his voice reaches is terrifying. Once we thought we had a burglar in the house as the light was on and we never usually leave it on. My partner opens the door and runs around the house screaming with an umbrella in his hand kicking down doors threatening to kill whichever hooligan had entered our fortress. I was on the stairs crying of laughter. At least I’m safe in my own home
  • The Mouse Attack: We were once awake until 2am sitting on any possible surface in our living room waiting for our free loading mouse to appear. They came into the living room, my partner jumps and screams like a little child and we both hide on the table. We decide to get rid of the mice. We were tired and sick of them roaming around freely in our house and eating our snacks. We eventually terminated them. I will never forget the amount of times my partner ran out of the kitchen screaming “babe they’re back” and hiding somewhere.
  • The Heart Attacks: I make it my goal to watch my boyfriend leap. Just because he is super jumpy and loves to scream at things. I often pop out on him in the shower, kitchen and bedroom just to watch him shit a brick.
  • The Top Trumps: We play Top Trumps and they get SO heated that we have lost money, stormed into other rooms and aggressively wiped down the chalkboard that has our tallies on. I cannot believe at the ripe old age of 23 I am reduced to jumping on my partner when I lose.
  • The Dance Offs: Unfortunately our dance clocks never align. It always ends up with one of us dancing and the other one of us pulling a stank face. The amount of booty shakes, naked star jumps and overall diabolical dancing that occurs in this flat is alarming. But watching my partner move like his hips do not lie makes my day.
  • Chasing each other: What reduces us both to hysterics is chasing each other around the house. Whenever one us says ‘I’m going to get you‘ the other gets all shrieky and runs away trying to evade either a sloppy kiss, a big hug or a tickle fight. This sounds romantic and pretty normal but let me tell you it raising my blood pressure like no other. (My partner believes the tickle fights are quote, devastating to him)

Moving in with my partner has been the best thing I have ever done. Yes there have been times I nearly fled for Russia, but here I am still paying London rent to wake up to a hairy gorilla everyday (love him like no other).

Until Next time,

Demi Anne x

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23 year old living in England's beautiful capital London! I have learnt that there is always an adventure to be had. No matter what part of the world you are in or what your bank account tells you. There are no limits or restrictions to what you can experience.

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