FAT TO FIT: Staying motivated to reach your goals.

If you are anything like me and have a love and hate relationship with working out and losing weight, I can only urge you to keep reading. Imagine this blog post was a 5k run, just keep reading and hopefully some good will come out of it. Most people I ask have had issues with staying motivated during quarantine, life and suffering setbacks. Not only is exercise beautiful for your mental health, it can do things to your body that no man could ever.

Okay, so I have given this blog post A LOT of thought. Only because it involves being brutally honest about my own fitness journey. I was/am super anxious to share these photos because they show a version of me that I didn’t particularly like and a version of me I was/am embarrassed to share with the world, but here we are people, let me introduce you to chunky funky Demi followed by the Gym going happy Demi.

DISCLAIMER for trolls and bullies: Reserve all negative comments. I feel no type of way about f***ing up a bitch.

So as you can see, my 2018 photo of myself is not my best. By no means do I think that woman is inferior, ugly or embarrassing. What I do see though is someone who was not happy in their own skin. I also know that many pizza’s, margaritas, cookies and laziness contributed to my physique then. This was no healthy way to live for my body, mind and soul. I also wanted to start wearing crop tops in the Spanish heat, I didn’t feel comfortable doing that because I was afraid people would ask me what flavor my muffin top was- I would’ve chosen Red Velvet flavor.

Although, one perk of gaining weight was that my boobs got a whole lot bigger, the fun bags became EXTRA fun bags.

But it was SO easy to beat myself up everyday. I had never felt unfit or unhappy until it got to Bikini season and I couldn’t see my bikini bottoms anymore, sigh. Although, one perk of gaining weight was that my boobs got a whole lot bigger, the fun bags became EXTRA fun bags. I will miss how they looked in a tube top but I will not miss the extra boob sweat.

The reason I am sharing this will you all is because a lot of people who follow me on the gram (@mybesitoss) ask me where I put all the cake I bake. The truth is, I bake it and a burn it off. I also try and make healthier versions of the recipe, so even though the photo looks like it contains 3434785487 calories, i’ve actually used relatively healthy ingredient to bake with. Also, I enjoy working out because I know it means I can roll around in Nutella and indulge in one too many cocktails when I can. But really, it is all about balance, consistency and sustainability. Without motivation, I would never have lost the weight.

I want to share with you some things that helped me stay motivated when shifting the pudding.

I had to accept that no matter what came my way, it was up to me to get up and do the thing. No one was going to lose weight for me.


  • MOTIVATION: Ask yourself why? Why are you waking up at 5am to sweat into your eye balls and feel haggard the next day? It’s because you have a goal. For me, my goal was taking a photo that I wouldn’t be ashamed of and loving the skin I was in so I could stop hating myself and comparing myself to other people. That is a real as my goal was. I didn’t enjoy putting myself down anymore so I kept on pushing until I felt like my journey was on track.
  • ACCEPTANCE: Knowing that Rome was not built in a day y’all. The amount of times i thought some Fairy God Mother would Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo my weight way is embarrassing to admit. I thought a few salads, runs and deprivations would turn me into a Bay Watch Model and i’d be invited to eat lunch with Drake, this was not the case. I had to accept that it would take time and that even though I didn’t immediately see results eventually, I would. I had to accept that it would be frigging hard and that some days I would just want to quit. I had to accept that no matter what came my way, it was up to me to get up and do the thing. No one was going to lose weight for me.
  • COMPLIMENTS: With time, you will eventually see some progress and then with even more time you will see progress! For me, when a close friend or family would comments on my journey I would be like why thank you pleasant human. You have motivated me for the next 3 weeks of working out. In all serious, their love and support was a reason I didn’t want to give up.. It was all about proving to myself that this was not the end product, and it still isn’t! It is about being excited to take your journey to the next level.
  • LOVING YOURSELF: Be proud of your journey and DO NOT compare it someone else. If you do this you may as well retire and accept that you will never be happy. There will always be someone prettier, fitter and more progressed than you. It does not mean that what you are doing it shit. It means that you are on your own journey. I means that person that you are comparing yourself to also has their own demons and struggles to get passed. We get to choose the evil we have in our lives, do be the cause of your own unhappiness.

There are many more things that kept me going, but I feel like these were the most important because they contributed to a sustainable lifestyle. If you can train your mind to support you and to love you it will try its hardest not to fail you when your body needs it most. Whenever I didn’t feel like going to the gym because I was down, I’d either give myself a break and relax and go and try to work out knowing that I could leave if it go too much. You need to step into a fitness journey with the right role models, intentions and mindset. Without these things you will be bound to fail your goals and will be unhappier than you were when you started out!

I am super keen to hear what keeps you all motivated when working out!!


See you on the flip side 😉

Demi Anne x

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23 year old living in England's beautiful capital London! I have learnt that there is always an adventure to be had. No matter what part of the world you are in or what your bank account tells you. There are no limits or restrictions to what you can experience.

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